Whole Team PLLC provides consulting and technical assistance to primary care clinics, systems and individuals regarding primary care behavioral health integration. In some cases, clients are just beginning their integration efforts and want to ensure the best foundation for success. In other cases, clients want to improve an integrated service that is not performing optimally.

1. Top-Tier Expertise

The founder and principal consultant of Whole Team, Dr. Jeff Reiter, is an internationally recognized integration expert. Since 2002, he has helped hundreds of primary care systems, clinics and individuals in their integration efforts, both throughout the U.S. and internationally; given over 100 conference presentations; published 10 articles in peer-reviewed journals; and is on the faculty of Arizona State University’s integrated care training program. Dr. Reiter has received numerous awards and advised many organizations through Board and advisory committee membership. He also co-authored (with Patricia Robinson, PhD) two of the leading “how-to” books on integrated care (see the “Books” page). 

2. Well Rounded Experience

Whole Team knows how to optimize integration, no matter the setting. Dr. Reiter personally led and co-led the development of two large primary care behavioral health services, first in a suburban community health setting and then in an urban commercial setting. Combined with his current integration work in the federal government, he has hands-on experience with each sector of primary care. Through his consulting work, he has helped rural clinics, homeless clinics and international primary care systems, in addition to community health, commercial and government clinics in various settings. Regardless of the size, setting or type of clinic, Whole Team can help. 

3. Real World Guidance

With almost 20 years of hands-on and consultative experience, Whole Team has seen it all. We’ve lived the challenges you’re experiencing, and take pride in giving practical, realistic guidance. From 2002-2018, Dr. Reiter worked full-time as a clinician and administrator in primary care, always maintaining a strong majority of his time in direct patient care. He began moonlighting as a consultant in 2008, and since 2018 has been working full-time as a trainer and consultant. This extensive hands-on experience with making integration work from both the clinical and administrative angles is what helps Whole Team be effective.

4. Quality Partners

Dr. Reiter is the primary consultant for Whole Team PLLC, but he also partners as needed with other top integrated care experts (see the “Partners” page). If additional staffing or expertise is required to meet your needs, you can rest assured that Whole Team will partner with only the best in the field. Of course, you will always have the opportunity to vet and approve any partners that Whole Team suggests including.

Does Whole Team have a specialty?

Dr. Reiter and his Whole Team partners are knowledgeable about many aspects of integrated care, but they specialize in the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model of integration. To learn more about the PCBH model, please see our “Resources” and “Videos” pages, and of course feel free to contact Whole Team with any questions!

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