Technical Assistance to Clinics and Systems

Large & Small

WHOLE TEAM provides technical assistance to clinics and systems, large and small, at all stages of their integration efforts.

Whether you are a single clinic or a multi-clinic system, and whether you are just getting started with integration or looking to improve on what you have, we’ll be happy to help.


     We help with leadership issues such as determining a vision and goals for integration; administrative issues such as hiring and training behavioral health providers, developing quality metrics, and growing the value and utilization of integrated care; and clinical issues such as how to improve teamwork and effectively address the behavioral needs of the clinic population.

Our services vary to meet your needs and preferences. In some cases we provide help remotely, via educational webinars for behavioral health and/or primary care staff, or virtual consultative guidance for leadership. In other cases we provide on-site help, including hands-on training with providers and teams, and extensive support to leadership based on in-vivo observation of care.